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About Emitors

Who we are?

Emitors is an officially registered IT Company in the Egyptian general investment authority.

Our mission is to provide the very specific customer’s needs at the highest quality standards, at an acceptable price.

It’s a win-win situation when you deal with us!


Our History

In 2012, Emitors was started as a group of freelancers who decided to combine their knowledge and creativity into one place, they didn’t work under any name, just “that team”

In 2014, the “Emitors.com” Domain was registered to familiarize the team with our customers.

In 2015, The team decided to launch an officially registered company under the same name!

Emitors is an officially registered Company .. 100% Egyptian management, 100% Egyptian working hands.


Our Team

Our team includes web  developers, programmers, graphic designers, marketers, and even engineers!

This team has combined the creativity and knowledge of every person into one place to come out with a reliable work efficiency and professionalism.


How we deal with our customers

We have many happy customers who we are willing to provide every portion of our power to maintain their trust, and yours!

We never treat our customers just as “clients” who come and go, we tend to provide them our whole time to get them satisfied.